Steve Hards Presents...

Opazity Support


The first two videos and theĀ User Guide (PDF) will answer most questions about Opazity. If you still need help after watching them, please email Opazity’s creator Steve Hards, on

The later videos show how to set up some effects that may inspire you to new uses.

Opazity runs on:
Any Windows PowerPoint (including 32 and 64-bit versions) from PPT 2000 onwards.
If it doesn’t work on your setup, let me know for an immediate refund.

1. Setup and First Use (Commentary by Robert Lane of Aspire Communications)

2. Three Opazity gotchas
Three small ways that Opazity may not do what you might expect

3. Opazity dialog box and useful PowerPoint tips

4. Title slide with PowerPoint animation

5. Highlighting the foreground by blurring the background

6. Creating a visual quiz slide

7. Feathered shadow for text (for early versions of PowerPoint)

8. Highlighting part of a slide at random

9. Colour a greyscale cutout
A beautiful effect. Apologies for the poor commentary sound.

10. Wipe
The wiping away effect (no sound). Download a PowerPoint 2003 file to adapt this slide to use today

11. Misty window
Just for fun